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In order to provide you with even better service in the future, we are continuously working on improving the skills and expertise of our doctors and the clinic in the discipline of maxilla-facial surgery.


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. A dental implant functions the same way as the patients’ own root, since it directly fuses with the bone. Implants anchor dentures, e.g. bridges, crowns or removable dentures securely to the bone.

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The clinic supports social and humanitarian projects in addition to their medical and scientific activity. For more details, see science and research.

OM Surgery

Premises of the hospital
Dental surgery includes surgery of the mouth including operations that affect the teeth, jaw and soft tissues of the oral cavity. You should consider the consultation of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for all dental surgeries that are classified...
Klassische Kieferchirurgie
If the upper and lower jaws are developed differently it could cause a jaw misrelationship.
Examination of the gums
Healthy gums are the basic prerequisite for an attractive smile. They provide two important functions: they are the foundation of the teeth and also act as an aesthetic element.
intraoral findings before surgery
Autogenous tooth transplantation (autoTX) is a relatively old, but not very well-known method for replacing lost or misaligned teeth.
Orthodontic surgery
Orthodontic operations are divided into two parts: Bone distraction and Malocclusion surgery.
Oral and maxillofacial surgery can efficiently treat pain syndromes of the face with staged treatment options. The most important first step to a successful treatment is an accurate diagnosis.
Bone replacement
With missing teeth, after time, the underlying bone regresses. Another cause for bone regression may be periodontitis.
post-operative surgical root canal treatment
As a result of an advanced cavity, necrosis of nerve tissue inside the tooth might occur. This way bacteria could get deep into the root canal. Germs could enter the bone and cause a painful inflammation.