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In order to provide you with even better service in the future, we are continuously working on improving the skills and expertise of our doctors and the clinic in the discipline of maxilla-facial surgery.


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. A dental implant functions the same way as the patients’ own root, since it directly fuses with the bone. Implants anchor dentures, e.g. bridges, crowns or removable dentures securely to the bone.

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The clinic supports social and humanitarian projects in addition to their medical and scientific activity. For more details, see science and research.



After opening the gums at the planned implant site, the bone will be prepared for the planned implant size using a special water-cooled. With proper anesthetics the drilling will be completely pain free, only the vibration of the drill is noticeable.

Dental x-ray

Using x-ray monitoring, a special metal pin is used to ensure the correct position and planned size of the implant so it can later be placed with a secure grip.

Schematic illustration of teeth

Most implant systems have a screw thread that will achieve a safe grip once drilled into the bone canal. A firm grip (primary stability) is an important factor for rapid healing.


Implant abutment closed method


After applying the implants, the gums are being sutured together (closed method). After the implants have healed together with the bone, the gums will be opened again in small patches, to continue the prosthetic process.

As an alternative, during the “open method”, small shafts can be mounted on top of the implants, which helps to properly shape the gums.