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In order to provide you with even better service in the future, we are continuously working on improving the skills and expertise of our doctors and the clinic in the discipline of maxilla-facial surgery.


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. A dental implant functions the same way as the patients’ own root, since it directly fuses with the bone. Implants anchor dentures, e.g. bridges, crowns or removable dentures securely to the bone.

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The clinic supports social and humanitarian projects in addition to their medical and scientific activity. For more details, see science and research.

Classic Oral Surgery

If the upper and lower jaws are developed differently it could cause a jaw misrelationship.

This results to an improper bite, and also the proportions of the face seem out of order. Such misalignments often interfere with chewing, speaking and swallowing and can restrict breathing through the nose or the closing of the lips.Patients with this kind of misalignment oftentimes bite their jaws together which results in muscle tensions can also cause temporomandibular joint pain and cracking sounds.

This behavior can lead to headaches and neck pain. Emotionally, many suffer from their discordant appearance.


This condition can be corrected with abnormal occlusion surgery (dysgnathia surgery). Already minimally invasive surgeries can improve the condition significantly.

For more serious cases of dysgnathia, there are surgical procedures available. For optimal results it is necessary to consult with an orthodontist, for a supplemental orthodontic treatment in collaboration with our clinic.